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ysi would like to thank minister desmond lee, our partners and our attendees for making the events a huge success!

Singapore sustainability showcase / Singapore sustainability conference 2018



ASEAN Youths Pitching ideas for a more sustainable region

After a rigorous 14 weeks in our Innovation Programme, 24 participants from across 8 countries will present their motivations and business pitches designed to tackle real problems faced in local communities. Covering broad topics such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Employment and more, this segment is bound to expand your horizon on these industries!


"the problem with solutions" Workshop by YSI SEA

What are we really solving when we come up with solutions for social-sustainable issues? This workshop is designed to challenge you to look at innovation and entrepreneurship from an alternative perspective, helping you to first own the problem before looking at deriving a solution!


Social & Environmental initiatives booth showcase

We often hear about sustainability initiatives happening in the region, but where are they exactly?

YSI SEA brings together a plethora of social-sustainable enterprises in the Singapore Sustainability Showcase. Get up close and personal with our booth partners as they share some of the latest happenings in the scene and their motivation for doing what they do. Central to our theme "Rethinking Innovation", see how our partners are approaching the issue of sustainability through different forms of innovations!


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