Turn your passion
for sustainability
into impact.

We bring together Southeast Asian youth
to innovate for Sustainable Development.


Collaboration &

Our Founding Principles


We live in a complex world with many grand challenges. From poverty to climate change to reducing inequalities, there are many difficult problems waiting to be tackled and solved.

We recognize the passion and innovative potential of youth to solve these issues. In collaboration with experienced & established professionals, we gather young people across the region & empower them to create impact startups that drive change in our region.

Get Involved & Take Action

Your experience doesn’t matter. Your drive & passion does.

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Innovation Programme

Create your impact startup from scratch!

Do you want to tackle the problems that plague our society with sustainability driven startups? Our fully funded 5-month Innovation Programme equips you with educational resources, mentors, access to prototyping facilities, and a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia!



“What are the SDGs & how does entrepreneurship fit in?”

Our workshop series answer these questions and more by training young sustainable innovators. The workshops will help you identify problems close to your heart, equip you with skills to tackle these problems and provide you with guidance and resources to pursue your innovation journey.


Community Events

Our vibrant community brings together youth from different countries, backgrounds, passions to discuss different aspects of sustainable development.

Diversity is a key driver of our community and that includes diversity of opinions. Regardless of your beliefs in sustainability, we welcome you to join our community of amazing people.
Together, we can build a world we all love.


Minister Desmond Lee, 2018

Minister of Social and Family Development, Second Minister of National Development

“YSI has brought together a very good coalition of young people in Singapore, partnering friends from Southeast Asia and identifying meaningful issues to tackle in a collaborative manner. By providing an opportunity for partnership, you are creating growth for sustainable solutions across many of the 17 SDGs that can bring our cities & societies to a more sustainable level.”

Monalisa, 2018 Participant

“YSI SEA has provided young people like me with adequate space, skills, and support to enhance our potential in finding innovative way to make positive change in our communities and the region. This will not only benefit me individually but my society as a whole.”

Donnie Silalahi, 2018 Participant

“This is not only an ideation programme. It transforms your interests & passion in a sustainability area into a concept and prototype of a startup that will impact many people's lives.”



View our Innovation Programme 2018 Impact Report!

As a young organization, we are constantly learning and tracking
our own impact.

Do you have comments or suggestions on how we can maximise our impact? Get in touch with us, we would love to chat!


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