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We help you find your place in Sustainable Development & develop the skills needed to make you an effective innovator for a more sustainable region.

NUSSU Workshop

“The Problem with Solutions” Series

These interactive workshops serve as an entry point for youths into understanding entrepreneurship principles in relation to sustainability issues.

This series helps you deep dive into the problem identification process, exploring your areas of interest in sustainability issues and providing tangible skills to be used to kick-start your innovation journey. Identify and empathize with the stakeholders as we provide you with an avenue to pursue your passion and a community of equally driven youth to be inspired from.

Duration: 3-12 hours (number of sessions and depth of content tailored to your needs)


  • Find your resonance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Understand the importance and engage in the problem identification process

  • Dig into issues within Southeast Asia and chart a plan of action

  • Be integrated into YSI SEA’s community of Earthpreneurs.


“Seeds of Growth” Series

Experience the design thinking process in a creative and engaging way. Push the boundaries of needs analysis and ideation in these series.

Develop your skills and gain confidence in pitching your solutions to others. This series helps you understand and experience the design thinking process in solving issues in sustainable development. While solving sustainability issues is a complex and serious endeavor, you will leave these workshops energized and confident to tackle the sustainability challenges close to your heart.

Duration: 3-15 hours (number of sessions and depth of content tailored to your needs)


  • Be confident in applying design thinking to various aspects of innovation.

  • Get creative and start planting the seeds of growth in your identified problem area.

  • Have a robust idea which is testable

  • Understand the process of creating social enterprises.


Customize Your Workshop

We tailor our workshops for schools and businesses across Southeast Asia. Our facilitators are trained in various facets of innovation and our workshops will be customized to your needs to optimize the outcomes you desire.

Be it getting your students involved in social entrepreneurship or conducting brainstorming sessions for your project teams to attain fresh and new perspectives, feel free to get in touch!



“The team is young and vibrant. I can easily connected with their youth driven energy and passion to change things in this world”

“The 'problem with solutions' workshop gave me new perspectives to effectively and efficiently identify the problems that I am interested in”

“The workshop focused on emphasizing that the youth have the tools to identify and solve problems but this requires knowing what one desires and where changes need to be made”

“It reminds us that we are never too young to make a change. I like how you pointed out that it is okay not to know”