Core Team


Sai Surya
Managing Director

No idea is a bad idea. With the right mix of people and ideas. I believe that we youths can bring about a positive change to this world. Currently studying in National University of Singapore (NUS), I am pursuing a Double Degree in Economics and Mechanical Engineering - a humble attempt to combine my interests with my passion to serve developing countries with the skills obtained from these disciplines. I have the honour of heading YSI in Southeast Asia as YSI SEA and I believe that this is one region which will benefit immensely from the entrepreneurial spirit of the youths.


Irsyad Ramthan
Head of Operations

Nothing exists in isolation, and it is my belief that the way forward is for everyone to be mindful of this fact. As a biomedical engineering graduate student in NUS, I'm directly interested in tackling issues related to global and rural health. However, my involvement as the Head of Operations in YSI SEA is my attempt at recognising the need for an integrated approach. An approach involving youths with a wide range of abilities and interests, but with the common goal of sustainable development.


Jodi Quek
Marketing Director

Every wave begins with a ripple, and I've always believed that if each one of us could make a little change, even in the smallest of ways, we could collectively change the future. The problem here then lies in convincing others to change their minds, to believe that a better world is within reach if we work together. Hence, as a Marketing Director at YSI SEA, I hope to do just this, to help Southeast Asian youths see the value in our cause, our vision, and in the impact that they can make.


Joell Tee
Marketing Director

Being a people-oriented by nature, I enjoy working with others. Be it brainstorming, ideating, making or creating, I find great value in working as a collective. My other passions include making art, friends and being involved in purposeful projects (like this one!). I am currently majoring in Global Studies at the National University of Singapore, with a focus on Population and Migration in Southeast Asia. In the future I hope to work in the humanitarian development or social service sector; and make waves wherever I go!


Koh Kai Kiat
Administrative Manager

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues in the world today, and it is also one I have growing interest in. Pursuing a degree in the Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore (NUS), opportunities to take part in activities related to my degree are hard to come by. YSI SEA provides me a platform to explore the different views and ideas related to sustainability and the UN SDGs, and the cause is definitely a worthy one. Through empowering youths, I also seek to sharpen my personal development skills such as communication skills and hence provide a platform for youths all around Southeast Asia to achieve their dreams. I made the first move for change, and here I am. If I can take the first step, so can you!


Sriram Sami
Head of Technology

I'm Sriram, an avid tech geek and aviation enthusiast studying Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. My passion lies in marrying technology with social causes that truly need it, and my current focus involves using autonomous aircraft to deliver medical supplies in Papua New Guinea. I've seen how difficult the process of creating and maintaining a sustainable business is; at YSI I hope to make that process easier for participants, and to generate a movement that will make it easier for anyone around the region who wants to do so.


Tang Yew Siang
Innovation Director

I believe that education is power, a power that has the potential to improve the lives of many who are underprivileged. We, as educated and knowing citizens, have the ability to put our hearts and efforts towards the realization of lofty goals. This is privilege and it is easy to choose to ignore it. We can continue our lives even as we hear about the suffering of Syrian refugees, even as we hear about the gross inequality that still exists today... or we could choose to do something.

I choose the latter (and hope you do so too) and as a NUS Computer Science Major, hope to add value to the lives I touch with my role here and my interest in Artificial Intelligence.

team vanessa.png

Venessa Ng
Innovation Director

I am an environmental studies undergraduate in NUS by day and an adventurer by night. Sustainability issues are massively wicked and today, our world is waking up to this seemingly insurmountable challenge. In sustainability, there are huge battles to be fought, and none of them are easy battles. But do not be daunted; Go out, explore, learn! And when you can’t seem to see beyond the horizon, get yourself a diverse team of people who will go with you on this journey. This is what we believe at YSI because often, the best solutions are constructed when assumed perspectives are questioned, debated and reconciled.


Chua Ying Xuan
Business Dev Director

As a sustainability advocate, I believe that development and sustainability should be hand in hand. I believe everybody have a part to play in sustainability, and enjoys the process of ideation.

As the President of Asian School of Environment Club in NTU, and an active environmental volunteer, I am well-connected with Singapore's environmental scene. My engagement in several ASEAN programmes is also able value add to my role in YSI SEA as a Business Development Director.


Marcus Tay
Business Dev Director

In these precarious times, we require sustainability action more urgently than ever before. I believe that we can be those agents of change, making a difference in the world we live in through a collective effort. With the growing traction of pro-sustainability initiatives, I hope that my role as Business Development Director would be able to effect change to the status quo by consolidating a collective effort of youths in S.E.A. After all, humans are a product of our experiences, but this state of affairs can only perpetuate if we choose to fight for our future.


Ho Qian Yu
Business Dev Director

“Waste not, want not” is a philosophy I was brought up with. While I still do my best to live by it, today’s culture of excess, coupled with the traditional linear economy, poses a great barrier to this. To better equip myself to tackle this issue head-on, I am pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS). As a Business Development Director in YSI SEA, I hope to engage stakeholders and maximize YSI SEA’s impact towards a brighter future.


Shafkat Fahmid
Director of Corporate Relations (Legal)

William Pollard once famously said that the arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. I believe that this quote is most relevant to the youth of today, whose energy and curiosity  keep on disrupting the status quo to make the world better than it was yesterday. As much as I believe in disruptive innovation, I do not think that innovation stays in a vaccuum beyond the institutions of our society. Being a graduate from the NUS Faculty of Law in 2016 and as a qualified lawyer in Singapore, I intend to use my legal skills to assist the innovative disruptors to transform their imagination into reality.



Support & Advisory


Roy Joseph Roberto
Marketing & Outreach


Roy considers himself as a Climate Rockstar. He likes to travel around the world to talk about climate change, how it affects the community and the planet, and what can young people do about it. As a writer, he published a number of stories about climate change in both local and international media. Recognizing his work in bringing climate change to the frontline as the most important challenge of the 21st century, the 2030 Project in the Philippines named him as the UN SDG Youth Champion for Climate Action. He joined YSI to help promote energy democracy in Southeast Asia, while providing better opportunities for young people in the region.


Saiem Amer
Marketing & Outreach


Hello, I'm Saiem. It's nice to meet you. I'm an innovation and creativity enthusiast who enjoys story telling in photographs or words. My interests include sustainable development, leading, all things outer space and AI. I believe every action we take impacts the lives of others around us and it is our responsibility as humans to work together in making this world a better place. I joined YSI SEA in October 2017 and work with the marketing team on digital strategy and content creation.


Hum Qing Ze
Business Dev


I believe that the future of ASEAN's development must be centered on sustainability. Join us as we explore what such a vision might look like and how we can create such a future together.
The strength of a dream is only as powerful as the community committed to making it happen! I hope to connect the energy of youth and the experience of our mentors to build sustainability beyond your country's borders.