Work with brilliant young minds from across Southeast Asia.

Join us in empowering youth across the region. Tap onto the insights, ideas, diversity and energy of our talented youth to discover new ways to do business!

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Insight Factory

Tap into the minds of our final 1-3% of applicants and get novel insights on pressing issues you are facing. For 14 intensive days, two regional teams will work remotely on a problem statement of your choice.

A presentation and report on unique insights and creative recommendations will be provided to tackle given problem statements. In 2018, YSI Global ran a successful pilot with Coca-Cola, Orkla, and Melbye. Our Insight Factory can be customized to your needs.

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Enhance your company’s competitive edge in sustainability through tapping onto our community.

Meet and problem-solve with our YSI SEA participants who have been trained in design-thinking to lean methodology principles. Extend your reach to our vibrant regional and global community to gain access to unique and revolutionary ideas. Identify talents and tap onto the minds of those hungry to drive impact.

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The YSI Network

By partnering us, you get access to the extensive global YSI network of businesses and investors who are established players in the sustainability sector and tap into their expertise.

Would you like to partner up or do you know someone we should contact?

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