YSISEA 2018 Innovation Program

24 Youths
8 countries
1 mission

Our inaugural Innovation Program is designed to build strong and effective startup teams which create solutions to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We are dedicated to making real solutions happen and to impact the world in a real and measurable way. By pushing the frontiers of online working, we bring together youths from across Southeast Asia to unite in their efforts to creating viable startups addressing pressing issues in the world.


Online innovation program 

15th April - 18th July

The first part of our Innovation Program consists of a 3 month Online Innovation Program. After a rigorous selection process, 24 participants were chosen and split into teams of 4 members each. They were then introduced to fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability through our online modules and assignments. All these serve to build the basic competencies that allows teams to build business pitches for tackling the UN SDGs, which will prepare them for the next parts of the program.

Singapore Innovation Program

19th July - 30th July

Having gone through the 3 months of Online Innovation Program, participants will be flown in to Singapore in the second half of July. Here, teams will meet each other physically for the first time, and will be validating and refining their business models in preparation for the upcoming conference and showcase. 


Singapore SUstainability Conference (SSC)

29th July

After more than 3 months of hard work, participants will get to deliver their business pitches to a select group of Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Accelerators. Arguably the highlight of the Innovation Program, teams stand to receive funding to bring their startup to the next level.

Additionally, we are very excited to have Mr Lim Hock Chuan, Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation Ecosperity, to be our Guest-of-Honour for SSC! 

Singapore sustainability showcase (SSS)

29th July

In addition to the Singapore Sustainability Conference, YSI SEA will also be organising the Singapore Sustainability Showcase, happening on the same day as SSC. In this showcase, we will be introducing organisations and partners that are working on various sustainability initiatives in the region. With "Rethinking Innovation" as our central theme for the showcase, we believe that it will be an incredibly insightful and educational experience for participants and public alike.

Additionally, we are very excited to have Minister Desmond Lee, Minister for Family and Social Development and Second Minister for National Development, to be our Guest-of-Honour for SSS!